About Auto India Expo

Auto India Expo will be an Expo of Public Event with a theme Road to Future, in which we will mainly focus on awareness on Road Safety, Innovations in automobile, Current Automobiles trends, latest technological products and launch of latest technology in automobile segment with a launch pad for public relation exercise. It is seen that use of vehicles has increased manifold and there is dire need to create awareness and sense of responsibility among the youths. Road safety has become a major issue with rising numbers of vehicles on roads. Our objective is to focus upon spreading awareness on work being done on safety, environment, and fuel efficiency by Government and other leading R&D institutions. It will be big opportunity to spread the awareness in public. The initiative of the Auto India expo is supportive to the efforts of Government.

Maverick Activation is taking an initiative to give exposure to automobiles segment with a theme “Road to future” in which we would like to give knowledge to customers about all they want to know about future of automobile.


To be the Platform in providing the knowledge for customers what’s coming up in future in Automobile Segment.


The Mission of Exhibition is spread awareness in youth towards Road Safety and future fuel and also to present high quality educational and entertaining display that promotes automobile industry, testing and research centers travelling through B-Town providing a positive response from customers.