We started our operations in 2009 at Raipur, Chhattisgarh. At a time when this category was in an elementary stage, we established ourselves with a vision to provide quality work in quick time. Our association with top corporate brands speaks volumes of our work. Every task that we have undertaken has shaped our approach further, has added to our learning and indeed has helped us come a long way.

An ISO 9001:2015 company, our focus has always been on strengthening our internal process which has in turn made sure that we perform the given tasks with quality, attain customer satisfaction and of course deliver within the time frame. We value our client’s time & which is what gives us a leverage vis-à-vis competition.

From doing corporate & government events to product launches, live concerts to award ceremonies, we have seen it all. Today, Maverick has offices at Raipur, Mumbai, Noida, Jaipur, Nagpur & Bhopal. The credit to our success goes to our vision, our employees, associates & you…Our Client’s.


From the Director’s Desk

Always think from a clients’ perspective and you shall never fall short of achieving the desired objectives. Continuing with this intent and passion since we started in 2009, it has indeed been an exciting journey for me. Needless to say, corporates have shown a lot of faith in our ability and which is why we have flourished in the last one decade. As rightly said, the process of communication has gone through a lot of changes over a period of time & we have welcomed this change with adapting it in the most professional way. Be it an event of any magnitude, our zeal to work with the same passion has brought us a lot of accolades.

In our endeavor to give our clients’ a matchless experience, we bring to you Auto India Expo 2018-19. Spread over a period of 5 months at 8 key locations of the country, this expo marks the beginning of what we predict to be an exciting road ahead. Be it the brand visibility, the walk-ins, the innovation and the CSR- be rest assured, it is going to be a spectacle.

So, come be part of this one of a kind Expo and experience a thrilling journey of 5 months & beyond…
Very best.

Managing Director


Mr. Manoj Kumar Manapura
Mr. kishore Gadkari
Mr. Aasif Iqbal Usmani
Mr. Sunil Sharma
Mr. Amnindar Singh
Mr. Zoheb Khan
Mr. Aadil Akhtar
Dr. Jawwad