Traffic Park

This gives you an idea as to how unique and distinctive approach the Auto India EXPO is going to have. In order to make our young one’s aware of the traffic conditions and its importance; we will be placing Traffic Parks across our event venues. These parks will be automated, well equipped with signages & will give a real-time feel to the youngsters coming in. Besides youngsters, we will also be inviting School Bus Drivers, Conductors and transporters from that location to be a part of it.

The park will be host to the following features-

  •  Automated Live Model– A Fully automated, landscaped traffic park will be put in place.
  • Wide Streets with Traffic Signs– Giving it a feel of a real time road scenario.
  • Traffic Lights– To make the ride more exciting.
  • Traffic Cops– To help children & everyone understand the rules & regulations while being on road.
  • Educate the youth & also School Bus Driver’s , Conductors & Transporters – In addition to the children coming in the park, School Bus Drivers & Conductors as well as transporters will also be asked to be part of it. With the rise in a number of private and public schools & colleges, there is an increase in a number of buses on roads & hence it becomes imperative to educate the handlers of these buses in order to avoid an untoward incident.
  • Demo on CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation) & First Aid methods will also be shared at the Park.

The entire idea behind The Children’s Traffic Park is to give back to society in the form of traffic education & show its importance in our daily lives.